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Generators Replacements


TTI provides a complete line of generators to replace any existing generator. With Milbank Smart Transfer Switch, typical sizing decreases due to the fail safe technology built into the ACC switch. For example if the power fails, the ACC quickly determines the demand on the generator and decides what loads are safe for operation. With one or more HVAC systems the SW can decide when and/or if it’s safe to allow operation with a simple wiring interface. Likewise any pump relay on electrical device can interface with the smart transfer switch (ACC) as well – protecting the appliance as well as the generator.

3 Methods of Sizing

  1. Square footage X 3 watts X # of 240v loads
  2. Using a 12 month demand chart, take peak demand and use as the base
  3. *Amp Clamp: Let Tangora Technologies do a site visit, determine actual amperage demand by using an amp meter at electrical panel while consumers turn on any/all devices in house expected to operate during a power outage. This means actual amperage drawn to determine real wattage usage.

i.e: Clamp on amperage reading of 40 amps X 240 volts = 9600 watts select 10K generator

*Preferred Method


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