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Home Automation

Tangora Technologies, Inc. is a certified 5-Star HAI by Leviton Dealer. We design, install and provide on-going expert service for the home automation/ management system (What is Home Automation) that fits your home or business needs. The system offers control over a wide variety of sub-systems typically found on your property such as:

  • Security
  • Lighting Control
  • Remote Access via internet or phone apps
  • Climate Control (Temperature, Humidity, De-humidification and Indoor Air Quality)
  • Auxiliary Device Control (Pool Pumps, Speaker Systems, Driveway Detection, Fountains-Pumps, Door Locks)
  • Entertainment Control (Audio Video, Cameras, Gate Systems, Intercom, Doorbell Interface, Custom Chimes)

Features of the HAI by Leviton Home Management System

The HAI by Leviton system can be accessed from any touch tone phone, smart phone, or iPad or Android HAI by Leviton APP from anywhere in the world. You can control all of the system features with the touch from your fingertips. The app has the same look and feel as if you are using the system from inside the home.

HAI by Leviton Home Management

With an HAI by Leviton Home Management System in place homeowners and businesses alike are able to control lighting, security, temperature, utility management and entertainment systems along with many safety features and options available. There are multiple interface options to control your home or business from either inside or outside the home, which allows you to check and adjust lights, temperature, security, audio, and more.

HAI offers colorful Touchscreens that facilitate graphical control of your HAI system via easy-to-recognize icons. Some models are customizable, which gives you complete control of the look, feel, and function of the Touchscreen. A custom user interface can be developed based on the homeowner's lifestyle and interests.

Check on and change the status of your home or business over the telephone from either inside or outside your house. Additionally, HAI offers apps for smartphones and tablets.With the availability of internet you can connect simply by using the Snap Link App for Android or Apple Products.

The system can be controlled from virtually anywhere in the world from your fingertips.

Structured Wiring

Electric ClosetStructured Wiring provides homeowners and business with their ramp to the information super highway. TTI provides built in wiring for security, home automation, home management, entertainment, information, computer networking and telecommunication systems. Tangora Technologies, Inc. addresses all low voltage needs on a per room basis. By providing all of the wiring and termination TTI ensures quality products, expert installation and on going support for all of your phone, data, network, audio-video, security, camera and home automation and building management system needs.

Electric ClosetElectric Closet

Home Security

Tangora Technologies, Inc. offers several options to protect your home, business, property, assets and most importantly your life safety. We design, install and service custom security systems that will fit your lifestyle and protect your home or business needs within your budget. With a system installed by TTI, your property can be monitored 24/7/365 with our Central Monitoring Provider. For a minimal monthly fee, you can rest assured if a situation arises, help is on the way.

HAI by Leviton Home Management Systems

HAI by Leviton Home Management Systems incorporates an enhanced security system with improved safety and convenience features utilizing the following detectors to not only sense a condition but to operate or activate an device:

  • Smoke/Fire Detectors (Can automatically shut down air handlers to eliminate airflow in the building)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Can shut down combustible devices like furnaces, boilers, fireplaces)
  • Water Detectors (Can shut off main water supply to building eliminating further water damages)
  • Natural, Propane and Methane Gas Detectors (Can shut down combustible devices like furnaces, boilers, fireplaces)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Beam Detectors (Can activate cameras to record suspicious activities after hours)
  • Interior and Exterior Motion Detectors (Can activate lighting, HVAC or cameras to record activity)
  • Wireless or Hardwired Detectors (Ultimate flexibility for new or existing buildings)
  • Glass Break Detectors (Covers areas that may be more vulnerable to forced entry)
  • Driveway Vehicle Sensors (Can activate path lighting or announce potential visitors)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors (Will protect building from low or high temperature situations/ sensitive locations like wine cellars)
  • Liquid Detectors (protect not only for property but life-safety like backyard pools or jacuzzi)

Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring is your ramp to the information super highway. Along with built-in wiring for entertainment, information and communication, this technology provides a basic path for telephone, cable, data network, internet, and audio/video distribution. A security and home management system can be combined with our structured panel to accommodate all of your low voltage needs in one convenient and secure cabinet location.

Structured Wiring Features

Features and Services New or existing construction

•    Multi-line Telephone Distribution
•    Audio Distribution
•    Video Network Distribution (DVR, Satellite/Cable Receiver, Cameras, Server/ Apple TV)
•    FM, UHF, VHF, Digital Antenna Distribution, Sirius XM
•    HDTV Antenna Distribution
•    Computer Network Wiring


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