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Computer Networking

Tangora Technologies Inc. provides home and business computer networking for small to medium size infrastructures. With almost every device in the home or business requiring an internet connection, we understand the need for reliability and security. In today’s society the threat of virus’s and security breaches are paramount to the safe keeping of your information and document storage. TTI understands that having your network “locked down” is just as important as keeping your money in the bank.

With computer networking like every other thing in our life, there is a little education that one must have. The following categories provide the breakdown of devices, terminology and overall equipment required for most computer networks. TTI provides everything from the equipment, wiring, wall plates and termination for your network.


The Modem is the device that provides an internet signal to the home or business. Provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) the modem is usually owned and serviced by the ISP. Generally speaking this is where the service starts and stops from the ISP. Usually the ISP can check their device remotely but sometimes does require an onsite visit. The Modem is the only device in the network that we don’t provide. With many ISP options the choice is fairly broad. The different providers out there consist of cable, telephone and satellite companies. Almost all situations are unique and so is pricing. We recommend to our customers to shop them all and use us as a sounding board to help make the correct decision.


The Router is the device that connects to the ISP’s modem, provides the ability to split the internet signal, basic wireless service and provides security features to prevent hackers from entering your network. With routers, the choices are vast: from a basic 4 port router to an 8 port routers with wireless built in. The main job of the router is to stop traffic from entering the network maliciously, while providing traffic out anytime. As with any other product, the features depend on the project. TTI will help you with that decision when the project is designed.


The Switch is a device that is similar in functionality to a router, in that it splits the internet signal to multiple data locations, but only functions as that and not so much as a security device. As with routers, the switch is required only if the router isn’t capable of providing enough hard wired data port locations. The switch can also provide POE (Power Over Ethernet) to devices like wireless access points, cameras and other integration type devices.

Wireless Access Point(s)

A Wireless Access Point (WAP) is a device that is hardwired to the network and provides either single point wireless access to the location or extends the wireless signal to locations with low or no wireless signal. The WAP typically provides the same level of security as the router and can be set up with the same attributes as the routers security settings to allow a seamless hop from one wireless signal to another.


This abbreviation stands for Local Area Network. This refers to the network of computer locations inside of your building.


This abbreviation stands for Wide Area Network. This refers to the internet network outside of your building.

NAS Device

This abbreviation stands for Network Attached Storage. These devices are connected to the LAN and provide a means to store information or provide a location to back up computers on the network. There are also many different types of NAS devices available that provide the ability for you to keep import files, pictures and documents in one location rather than overwhelm desktop or laptop storage.


All hard drives fail. With the ability to push information to cloud type services, this not only saves your information safely but provides a means to access remotely when not in the home or office.

Tangora Technologies Inc. provides complete design, installation and on-going service for all of your computer networking. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or email


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