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Home Theater

Tangora Technologies Inc. specializes in custom home entertainment systems for new and existing construction. We can provide and install basic to complex distributed audio/video systems to fit your lifestyle and budget. By constantly striving for the best in technology and keeping current with the latest equipment available, TTI has been wowing customers for the last 20 years. We take extreme care in selecting the right products for the project no matter how simple or sophisticated the situation may be. With connections throughout the industry and being heavily involved inside of the industry, we have the ability to network with other national integration companies to discuss new products, experiences and potential problems with new or existing equipment.

Home Theater

By Definition: A Home Theater or Home Theatre is a theater built into a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theater performance and feeling, more commonly known as a home cinema. Today, home cinema implies a real "cinema experience" at a private home.

Tangora Technologies, Inc builds "Real" Home Theater that can range from a simple surround sound system to a dedicated multi-media room including, interior design, seating, built-in speaker system, motorized projection lift and drop down projection screen or the simplicity of a TV over the fireplace with a soundbar, subwoofer and In-Wall surround sound speakers. With URC and Yamaha Home Theater Processors, TTI is able to scale pricing to fit any budget. Options for speakers from manufacturers like Sonance, Triad, SpeakerCraft make it easy to accommodate any environment from in-walls to floor standing speakers including in-wall, in-ceiling or in- floor subwoofers. Multiple options for video include OLED, LED, LCD TV’s from manufacturers like LG or Samsung and projectors like Epson or JVC. With multiple screen options like fixed or motorized projection screens from Draper or Da-LITE we can accommodate almost any size with ease. Integration of gaming equipment like PlayStation, Wii or Xbox are popular in most home theater designs. Other fun sources of entertainment can be Karaoke. as well as Apple TV, ROKU and other internet streaming devices. Finally, to control it all a Universal Remote Control professionally programmed by TTI providing you with customized control that makes operation easy to use for anyone in the family. By providing the state of the art ideas TTI can provide a world of entertainment in your own home.

Multi Room Audio Video Systems

By definition; A distributed audio video system throughout the home or business providing individual volume control and individual music or video selection. Each area or zone of the system has its own speakers and amplification. The user has the ability to control any or all of the zones with easy to use control features.

DeDdTangora Technologies, Inc. designs and installs Multi-Room Audio Video Systems by integrating audio and video equipment with a new or existing structured wiring system. With control systems like URC,

Yamaha, SONOS or NUVO, you can listen to your own music or reach out to Internet or Cloud Based entertainment with easy to use remote controls. Homeowners can network all of their electronic components and equipment such as DVD players, Apple TV, CD players, Network Storage Devices, Surround Receivers and Amplifiers throughout the home. This network allows the devices to communicate, work cooperatively and share information in every area of the home or office. Tangora Technologies, Inc. provides a wide variety of quality, brand name audio and video equipment for all of your home and small business needs. We provide complete control solutions utilizing house or building wide universal remote controls, iPads, iPhones and Android.


TTI provides all brands and types of electronics. Whether you need a BluRay DVD player, AppleTV, CD Changer, Satellite Receiver, PC, ROKU Player, one piece of equipment or all of the equipment, TTI will design, purchase and install the right equipment for the project. With over 20 years of industry experience in the AV industry, let us quide you to the right purchasing decisions that will not only look and sound great but will work every time you use it.

TV and Video Displays

By providing the expertise and installation experience, TTI will either provide and or simply install the correct Television, Flat Panel Display, LED, LCD, Projector, Fixed and Motorized Screen to meet the project requirements.

TV Mounting Systems

Sanus is the premiere mounting solution for any Flat-Tilt Wall Mount, Articulating, Motorized Solution for any size/ type of display.

Surround Sound PreWire

By Definition: Surround sound is a technique for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with additional audio channels from speakers that surround the listener (surround channels), providing sound from a 360° radius in the horizontal plane (2D) as opposed to "screen channels" (center, front left, and front right) originating only from the listener's forward arc.

Surround Sound Pre-wire Available: 5.1, 7.1, 10.2 Pre-wire packages including speaker rough in brackets, grills and audio grade speaker wire

Multiroom AV Distribution: to include sound, video, data and control wiring.

Home Theater Seating/Furniture/Equipment Racks

With access to almost all manufacturers, TTI can provide and install the right furniture to meet the decor of the room. With many cabinets, racks and curios to choose from we can house all equipment either in the same room or a remote location in the house or business.

Universal Remote Control Experience

Have you ever wished for a remote that controls everything in your home? Something that enables you to hear your favorite music

anywhere in the house, watch your favorite programs, dim lights to match the mood, and shows you who is on your front doorstep—all from the comfort of your couch?

A magic, seamless solution that connects you with your home and loved ones in a whole new way. Finally your dreams have come true.

Tangora Technologies Inc can bring individual room control or  whole house control to life, making it personal for real people and real homes—every day.

With homes today, technology has never been more complicating to control. A new device, another remote on the coffee table. Pile up all of those remotes and you do need a real "junk drawer" to keep them all in. And unless you are in the same room, typically the device needs to be in "line of sight" to operate it. Well those days are quickly moving behind us. Introducing Total Control from URC.

With Total Control, bringing all of these systems together has never been better. Instead of relying on RF to connect all of these devices, we utilize your home network. This allows devices to connect more reliably every time creating more time for fun and less time with aggravation. Let the experts at Tangora Technologies Inc provide you with a control system that integrates all of your AV equipment in the house while allowing you to share and control those devices from different rooms of the house. Just email or call us today to schedule an appointment and let us show you how we can help you control anything and everything in your home with Total Control.

Universal Remote Control Catalog

View the complete catalog of URC Complete Control


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